Organic Fermented Probiotic Superfood Powder

Customised and Unique

Superfood Ingredients’ Naturally Fermented Probiotic Organic Superfood Powders are customised so that each client receives a wholly unique end product.

In this process Superfood Ingredients works closely with its customer to identify the desired characteristics, be this certain nutritional elements, ingredients or claims. With this defined, Superfood Ingredients creates a formula based on a blend of carefully selected all natural superfood ingredients aimed to optimise these characteristics.

“What we seek to offer in our Organic Probiotic Fermented Superfood Powders is a convenient powder, with all of the benefits of probiotic fermented foods, that can easily become part of a daily nutrition regime.”

The Power of Fermentation

Once the unique formula is prepared, using certified organic and biodynamic ingredients such as grasses, vegetables, seaweeds, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and fruit, the blend undergoes a proprietary fermentation process. In this process a naturally produced culture of active and viable probiotic lactobacillus bacteria begins to pre-digest the nutrients of these superfood ingredients. By doing so the bacteria’s active enzymes break down many of the more complex nutrients, making them many times more bioavailable to human digestion.

The resulting probiotic fermented superfood powder blend is dried at low temperatures to form a nutrient dense powder that is naturally probiotic and contains natural enzymes. This is a truly revitalised food providing a rich source of highly bioavailable amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of


In the modern world of food processing this beneficial and natural process has largely been abandoned, but perhaps with the wealth of new studies giving testament to the benefits we will see a well deserved resurgence of probiotic fermented foods. Some of these benefits are listed here below:


Lets take Spirulina as an example. Research into this blue-green algae has shown it to be a truly remarkable source of many vital nutrients, and is believed to be one of the richest natural sources of protein yet discovered. But in its natural form we can only digest around 25% of the nutrients it contains. When this superfood undergoes fermentation the bioavailability of its nutrients increases to a staggering 85%. This is the power of fermentation, and what makes our Probiotic Fermented Superfoods such a great addition to a healthy diet.

Nutrient Enhancement, Naturally

Besides making the nutrients in foods more bioavailable, the probiotic bacteria cultures used during the fermentation process also synthesise some important vitamins. Most notable are several vitamins in the B complex including folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and biotin, and also Vitamin K2, which is otherwise mostly found in animal products. Studies have found fermented foods to contain substantial amounts of Vit K2, providing an excellent source of this vitamin that plays an important role in maintaining healthy levels of bone mineral density and maintaining good heart health.

Gut Health and the Role of Probiotics

Probiotic literally translates as “Pro-Life”. We know the important role that beneficial bacteria play in our overall health. This is because a healthy intestinal microflora means and optimal assimilation of nutrition from our food, and it is these very nutrients that sustain us and keep us in good health. Good gut health also aids in the very important process of detoxification, and is also thought to help stimulate the body’s immune functions.

Lactobacillus bacteria, present in our Fermented Superfoods, are known to help balance digestive functions by slightly acidifying the gut environment which in turn helps to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

The importance of Enzymes and Raw Foods

Enzymes are vital for the functioning of our bodies, from the storing of surplus nutrients in the body’s tissues, to removing waste products from cells and neutralising toxins. But these enzymes are mostly destroyed when food is heated or highly processed. Enzyme-rich foods, such as fresh raw fruit and vegetables, milk and grains and most particularly probiotic fermented foods are vital for boosting the body’s enzyme supply.

Probiotic fermented foods are very rich in enzymes since these are produced by the bacteria culture that takes part in the processes of fermentation. This means that eating fermented foods assists in the digestion of other foods by building up the enzyme supply.

The added advantage of Pre-Digested Foods

By breaking down the more complex nutrients into their simpler forms, the fermentation process  creates a food with nutrients that are more effectively assimilated and utilised, as well as reducing the burden of the digestive process so that other foods are also digested more effectively.

SUPERFOOD INGREDIENTS probiotic fermented superfoods

As each of our Fermented Probiotic Superfood Powders are customised we do supply this only in bulk, with each production run being a minimum of 150kg. We supply the end powder product in 20kg cartons with a 2 year shelf life. Alternatively we can also have the powders packed in 150g or 450g retail pots. The process begins by our developing the customised blend and doing a 10kg sample run.

Our Fermented herbal tea infusions combine the benefits of increased bioavailability of nutrients through the natural fermentation process with a powerful combination of herbs. The resulting teas are both refreshing and aromatic, with a well rounded herbal notes. We offer custom blends, as well as a range of prepared blends that include the following infusions: Detox, Immune boosting, Anti-Inflammatory and Energising. The loose tea leaves are available in bulk (2.5kg bags) or packaged for retail in 50g zip lock pouches with private label options available.

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Superfood Ingredients’ Organic and Probiotic Fermented Superfood Powders start as a blend of nutrient rich superfood ingredients which undergo a natural fermentation process that acts to increase the bioavailability of these nutrients. The resulting powder contains active probiotic beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help balance our intestinal microflora so that we are better able to assimilate these nutrients