A New Flavour on the Block

One of the world’s leading flavor companies, Sensient Flavour, described the Lucuma fruit (Pouteria lucuma) as offering “a uniquely sweet flavor profile with notes of maple, sweet potato and caramel” and identified it as being one of the flavours to watch out for in the trend of new flavor profiles emerging in the food and beverage sector as consumers seek to discover new and exotic flavours.

It is this very trend of a more informed and adventurous consumer, who is actively seeking to experiment new flavours, particularly when combined with nutritional benefits, that has driven the increase in popularity of many superfoods new to the international market place (although with a long-standing history of use in the cultures from which they come). Organic Raw Lucuma Powder fits this profile fantastically with its sweet flavour, its low-GI content and its many health-promoting nutrients. This Peruvian Superfood is enjoying some well deserved success.

The Lucuma fruit has sometimes been described as “the lost crop of the Incas” since it provides a rare example of a food of ancient cultivation that until recently was little known outside of its homeland in Peru. Due to its taste and nutrient-dense profile it has now found a place in the international food and beverage market place.

What’s not to like?

Raw Organic Lucuma Powder has been used in a range of new products, from raw organic super-nutritious chocolates to organic baby food, raw ice-creams and a host of gluten-free and dairy-free desserts and baked goods. These formulations make the most of Lucuma’s natural sweetness and maple flavor, without contributing too highly to the overall GI as you would find with the more traditional sugar sources.

Grown in organic orchards in Peru’s Andean region, the Lucuma fruit is gently dried before being milled into a powder, so that people all around the world can experience this amazing fruit that has long been enjoyed in Peru.

The benefits of


The Lucuma fruit (Pouteria lucuma) is sometimes referred to as an “eggfruit” since its flesh closely resembles hard boiled egg-yolk in texture and colour. Superfood Ingredient’s Organic Raw Lucuma Powder is minimally processed and made 100% from the lucuma fruit. This densely nutritious superfood powder has numerous health benefits provided by its great content of A and B vitamins (its bright orange flesh pays testament to its rich content of health giving beta-carotene) and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc and potassium. This natural sweetener is a great addition to any wholesome diet providing a real power boost of nutrients.

Low Glycemic Index – A diabetic’s delight

Where Lucuma really shines is in the fact that it imparts a naturally sweet flavor whilst it scores low on the glycemic index (around 25). With growing concern about the effects of carbohydrates, and particularly sugar, on blood sugar levels (and lets not forget on our waistlines!), low GI alternatives are much sought after, and Lucuma provides a great natural alternative. With its maple-like flavour it can be easily added to baked goods, yogurt, smoothies, ice-creams, granola or desserts such as mousses and puddings.

A closer look at Niacin

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is found in largest concentrations in animal products, and to a much smaller degree in vegetable sources, most notably in nuts, wholegrains and avocados. Lucuma stands out as having a particularly rich source in the vegetable category, which is great news for vegetarians and vegans since this vitamin is essential for the maintenance of healthy young looking skin and in the regulation of cholesterol and blood circulation.

“Beta” with beta-carotene?

We know how important it is to add colours to our diet in terms of the vegetables and fruit that we eat. This is especially true of orange foods rich in this essential A Vitamin. The Lucuma fruit is a good source of beta-carotenes, important for maintaining healthy organs, particularly the eyes. Research is also showing that a diet rich in beta-carotene has benefits for the skin, with studies indicating that it can help protect against the harmful effects of UV exposure from the sun.

A cocktail of minerals

Lucuma provides a natural supply of calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous and iron. Research has shown that many nutrients work better in their natural wholefood state rather than in isolation as a mineral supplement. For example, studies have shown that calcium acts closely with phosphorous in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and in Lucuma we find an abundance of both.

Lucuma as a functional Ingredient

Lucuma has been used to great success in food and beverage applications with a high fat content such as ice-creams, raw cheesecakes, mousses and smoothies as well as baked goods such as cakes and cookies, since it provides an additional function of helping to emulsify fats and oils within a formulation. This emulsifying action helps to impart homogeneity in the texture and taste of the end product.


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With an ever growing awareness of empty calories and the detrimental effects of the Western diet to health, superfoods such as our Organic Raw Lucuma Powder from Peru, with its sweet maple flavour and low Glycemic Index, ticks many of the boxes for the health-conscious consumer: low GI, organic, raw, nutrient-dense and gluten-free, and at the same time packed full of flavour, so that being healthy does not mean having to give up great tasting treats!


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