A Peruvian Superfood

The term mesquite is often associated with the barbeque, as the hardwood from the tree is often used to add sweetness to grilled food. Also known as algarroba, mesquite has many uses aside from outdoor cooking, and presents a wide range of health benefits too.

Superfood Ingredients’ mesquite products are sourced from the forests of Northern Peru, the native country of the leguminous plant. The large seedpods are harvested by the local communities. They are then either sun dried and ground into a fine, nutty, sweet powder; or used to form a thick syrup. Both the mesquite powder and syrup can be used as great natural sweetener, useful in a variety of applications, from desserts to baked goods.

Mesquite (Prosopis pallida) was a dietary staple of the Native Americans. They are thought to have ground the pods into fine flour and use it to bake mesquite cakes, to provide sustained, slow release energy whilst out hunting. They also used the leaves of the plant in teas and medicine.

Mesquite as a functional ingredient

Although mesquite has long been used by the indigenous cultures, it is only in recent years that the Peruvian superfood has spread worldwide.

In this short time since it has hit the international food and beverage market, it has been celebrated for its versatility and unique taste, which some liken to molasses or caramel. Superfood Ingredients’ Organic Raw Mesquite Powder is ideal for sweetening smoothies and health snacks, or for use as a low GI flour in baking.

Our Organic Mesquite Syrup is produced by extracting the juices from the mesquite pods, to form thick, dark syrup. The syrup works as a great binder and sweetener for cereal bars, and can be used in baked goods and beverages.

The benefits of


As the awareness surrounding the benefits of replacing refined sugars with natural alternatives grows, much focus has been placed on a range of natural sweeteners entering the market, of which mesquite provides a great choice due to its robust flavour and nutritional content. This Peruvian superfood also presents a wide range of health benefits, that has accounted for much of its success.

A low GI natural sweetener

Mesquite is an ideal sugar alternative, with a glycemic index measurement as low as 25.  As well as being low GI, mesquite is also rich in protein, and is a good source of soluble fibers such as galactomannin gum. This combination helps to slow down the digestive process, meaning mesquite does not cause a sharp spike in blood sugar levels, lessening the demand for insulin production. For this reason, it is increasingly being used by people with diabetes as a natural sugar alternative. Maintaining healthy insulin sensitivity may also encourage a healthy body composition, which in turn may lessen the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 

A nutrient dense Peruvian superfood

Mesquite contains a wide range of health promoting vitamins and minerals. It is rich in calcium, essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones. It also contains magnesium, a mineral that promotes a healthy cardiovascular and endocrine system, and helps to regulate blood glucose levels. What’s more, mesquite contains substantial amounts of iron, potassium and zinc, all of which are important minerals that play various roles in maintaining a healthy body.

A good source of lysine 

Mesquite is a great plant based protein source, containing a wide range of amino acids, perhaps most notably lysine. Lysine is crucial for tissue regeneration and muscle repair. For this reason, mesquite can be applied as a post-workout sports recovery supplement for athletes, or used to slow down muscle wastage that develops naturally with age. Lysine has also been show to improve the absorption of calcium, helping to maintain a strong skeletal system.

Versatile and gluten free

The mesquite powder is a versatile ingredient that can be applied to a wide range of products. Being a legume, mesquite is gluten free, making the nutty powder a great substitute for traditional flour in baked goods, for those with gluten intolerances or coeliac disease. Both our Organic Raw Mesquite Powder and Organic Mesquite Syrup can be used as natural sweeteners in cereal bars, smoothies, and beverages. As they are both certified organic, the products are free from pesticides and other harmful contaminants.

Drought resistant and environmentally friendly

The increased demand for mesquite products worldwide is having a positive effect on the environment, in various ways. The mesquite is a drought hardy plant, which can grow in harsh environments with little water supply. The root systems are wide spreading and deep reaching, and fertilize the soil with nitrogen, a mineral that is important for plant germination and growth. This is encouraging the growth of other plant species, and reducing the spread of desertification in many areas across the globe.   


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Health conscious consumers are increasingly aware of the detrimental health effects of eating processed sugars and artificial flavorings. In response to an increased demand, many food and beverage companies are seeking out natural alternatives. With its unique taste and low GI, mesquite may be the perfect solution as a healthier substitute to sugar. The nutrient dense Peruvian superfood is a versatile functional ingredient, which presents a significant number of health benefits.


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